30 January, 2014

@DonJazzy Blesses 2 Loyal Fans With 100K Each For Preferring A Date With Him Over 50K

It was a money spree night on my TL yesterday and yeah my mentions when Mavin boss, Don Jazzy dashed two loyal fans hundred thousand naira each for preferring a date with him over 50k.

I was running this trend as usual together with the team and I needed massive interactions when I tweeted the question that made 2 people a hundred thousand richer.

The question "A date with @DONJAZZY or 50k?" Had a lot of endless mentions as usual and some of the answers include but not limited to;

Some said 50k, some even said 2k instead of a date with Don, some went as far as saying 400MTN airtime and two loyal fans Aishat and Vairux said they'd love to hang out with the Don.
Somehow Don Jazzy got hold of these answers and offered them a 100k each.

After the gift he then took to his twitter page and said "At times, It's not all about the money"

Lesson of the Day: Answer questions with sense.

And ermm apparently, that's my 6th time of asking that question o_O "A date with Don Jazzy or 50k?"
Then it got to him finally.

Morale of the Day: Don't stop!

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