26 July, 2013

Photo: University Student Found Dead In Lagos Hotel!

The viral news has been going round recently that the dead girl is a student of University of Nigeria, Nsukka,
that her name is Ngwu Florence and she's a 300L student of an undiscovered department(when I find out I'll let you on)

As at the time of copying and rewriting this report from Ladun, her mission in the hotel still remains unknown.
Yes!!! she came to Lagos city, lodged in the hotel, but her dead body was lying on the floor when they invaded her room after suspecting a total silence at hotel due time.

Just recently we lost Cynthia Osogwu, who fell into the hands of some Facebook culprits. Her death was duly investigated and the suspects were all nabbed.

This is another task for the Nigerian Police at large, we urge you to do your best on this one.

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